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"In our silences there are smiles and tears. Intimate friend is the one who knows how to listen to our silences with his heart and is able, without a word, to turn our tears into smiles"

- Tariq Ramadan (via tariqramadan)

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"Nothing can stop God’s plan for your life."

- Isaiah 14:27 (via s-a-b-r)

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"Why did I tell you that."

- six word story (via vvoollim)

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Progress on another piece

"O you who are patient! Bear a little more, just a little more remains."

- Ibn Qayyim (via ummsufyaaan)

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Running cat! 
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"In a night full of suffering and Darkness, Be a candle spreading light till dawn"

- Rumi (via saalik)

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Abandoned power station, Fremantle

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Eid mubarek brudas and sistas