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❝ Everything is more beautiful because we are doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again. ❞-Homer, The Iliad-

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Eid prayers in the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.


Before you go to sleep, 

  • wudhu
  • dust bedding
  • Al-mulk
  • Ayat Al-Kursi
  • Dhikr
  • Fajr Alarm
  • Shahada
  • sleeping duaa
  • Right side
  • hand under cheek
  • clean heart 
  • Forgive and forget

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South Asian resistance against British imperialism, 1930.


I am just recording other Artists.

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The Russian Cartier Tiaras,


Shakespeare in the Desert

From The New York Times, photography by Warrick Page, article by Ben Hubbard

Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan - a cast of 100 young Syrians put on Shakespeare’s King Lear, interweaved with scenes from Hamlet, directed by Syrian actor Nawar Bulbul. “The show is to bring back laughter, joy and humanity,” said director Bulbul. 

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Photograph by Erika Larsen
 Destiny Buck, of the Wanapum tribe, rides her mare, Daisy, in the yearly Indian princess competition in Pendleton, Oregon. Embraced first for war, hunting, and transport, horses became partners in pageantry and a way to show tribal pride.
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"I was never insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched."

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Heath Ledger for Flaunt #38 photographed by Anthony Mandler, 2002

"You can tell how dangerous a person is by the way they hold their anger inside themselves quietly."

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Voice of God

54 - Voice of God (2:02)
Maidstone 1986People: Melissa Darvall, Paul Mercer, Charlie Adlard, Garreth Roberts.
More vague comments upon the medium.